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How to read DocBook file?

I'm trying to find out how to set "noauth" globally in kppp (or at least let a normal user set it), but apparently KDE's documentation is in docbook format, and is quite unreadable in all the editors/word processors/browsers I've tried (gedit, kedit, nedit, vi, abiword, OOo, Mozilla, Konqueror).

I've both googled and dogpiled for this question, and it seems like maybe docbook files have to be converted to some other format first, like by using docbook2html or something similar. But surely there's a reader (or a browser plugin, etc) of some sort that would automatically make docbook files readable. To me, having to convert a file before being able to read it will be a major turn-off for the masses, because it is for me, and I'm more geeky than the masses.

Thanks for any hints.


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