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Re: Desktop environment---what am I missing?

On Sat, 1 Feb 2003 17:39:32 -0800 (PST)
"nate" <debian-user@aphroland.org> wrote:
> I looked at syphleed(not claws) about a year ago or so..I vaguely remmeber
> it not having many IMAP features. haven't tried the claws one. Not
> restricted to console, I did an apt-cache search syphleed and came up with
> nothing, is it not part of woody?

    Whoops, I forgot one caveat on my last email about Sylpheed-claws. 
Sylpheed was designed with maildir first and foremost and its mbox support is
not the greatest.  If you've got lots of mail in mbox you might need to find
or make a script to convert it over for easy incorporation into claws.  Also
because of this you might need to change your local IMAP server to maildir so
Squirrelmail can still access the same set of mail.  I run uw-imapd here and
it is sometimes a pain to have Squirrelmail looking in the mbox director while
claws has its own maildir directory.  But then Squirrelmail, to me, is just a
backup when I don't have a way to export an X display to whatever machine I am
on.  A rare occurrence.

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