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Re: Install problems: 3.0r1/i386 and Realtek 8319 network card

>From Anand Buddhdev on Monday, 2003-01-27 at 11:47:07 +0100:
> I want to install Debian over the network. I downloaded the 2 'vanilla'
> boot floppies, rescue.bin and root.bin, and booted with those. They
> have kernel 2.2.22, and they did not recognise my ethernet card. Then
> I decided to try the 2.4bf floppies, which have kernel 2.4.18. I see in
> the kernel config that the following 3 device drivers are compiled in:
> CONFIG_8139CP=y
> CONFIG_8139TOO=y
> CONFIG_8139TOO_8129=y
> When I boot with these, my ethernet card is recognised, and I can choose
> the network install method. However, the card actually fails to work,
> even though it has been recognised. If I switch to the console on ALT-F2,
> and ping the card's address, the ping works. However, I cannot ping any
> other host on the network, nor can I ping the router. So the network
> installation fails. I started the installation with "linux debug",
> and I do see some odd errors in the debug log:
> eth0: TX timeout
> I could try and do an installation from a CDROM, but I'm afraid that even
> then, my network card will either not be recognised (older 2.2 kernel)
> or not work with the newer 2.4 kernel.
> The card works just fine under RedHat 7.3 and 8.0 (where the kernel is
> usually patched with their own patches), and FreeBSD 4.7.
> Any clues as to how I can debug and/or solve this issue?

I just recently set up Debian Woody via a network install,
with an RTL 8139 network card and 2.4bf kernel.  I encountered
no problem.  So let me ask a stupid question.

Do you have more than one ethernet card?  I do, and sometimes 
I end up confusing myself because I try to ping the network 
via the sis900 card, which is not attached.  The sis card 
is part of the motherboard, and my rtl8139 card is a PCI card.

I have rtl8139 cards in two of my computers, so I find it hard
to believe that there is any issue with your card.  This card
and driver has been around a long time.


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