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Re: do i need stable in my sources.list?

On Tue, Jan 28, 2003 at 12:41:49AM -0500, Travis Crump wrote:
> Kent West wrote:
> >I was under the impression that you needed to keep your security sources 
> >pointing at stable, since that's the only place that emergency security 
> >patches get placed consistently. Am I incorrect?
> Since most security updates for stable are going to be a version lower 
> than the version currently in testing(since everything is backported), 
> you are never going to get them anyway so having it there isn't going to 
> help.

Mostly.  Unfortunately, a lot of people have that stable security line
on their testing systems, which recently pulled in a new version of
Perl.  Of course, since sarge has been stalled for months, this new
version (from stable!) is newer than the version everything else in
sarge expects, making a bunch of things uninstallable; f'r instance,


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