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Re: partition is NOT CHECKED before mounting

On Mon, 27 Jan 2003, Joris Huizer wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> I've got this question: I recently added a partition
> to the /etc/fstab file so it's mounted during boot
> time. I haven't done that before and I probably made a
> mistake somewhere.
> The partition is NOT checked before mounting - and I
> get warnings on that. This is the /dev/hdb3 partition
> where /tmp lives.
> How can I make it being checked before mounting ?

hit the reset switch ... :-) ( just kidding )

root# init 1
root# umount /tmp
root# e2fsck /dev/hda3
root# mount /tmp
root# init 3

umount each of your partitions to manually run e2fsck on it

if the system complans that the partition is in use, 
easiest for you to just properly reboot and go into single user
on its boot up...  and manually e2fsck it
	and/or create the  /forcefsck(?) flag before rebooting

c ya

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