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A7M266-D CM8738 problems: Pcm control of various mixers don't work

Is anyone familar with this problem?:

Since I've upgraded from a system with a SoundBlaster 16 to a A7M266-D
motherboard with an on-board C-Media CM8738 chip, the Pcm control of
mixer programs (tkmixer, aumix, wmmixer, kmix) no longer work.

Also, no control besides the master volume control affect the volume of audio from the computer.  (The CD slider does work for the volume of audio directly from the CD-ROM drive.)

Additionally, the overall output volume seems a little low, as if
there is a PCM mixer setting (in the hardware) that is initialized to 
less than a full-scale value

I'm currently using a 2.4 kernel with the cmpci module.

Is there any special setup for the CM8738 that I should be aware of?

Daniel Barclay

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