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Re: Has Anyone Used This Debian Book?

On Sat, 2003-01-25 at 12:22, Hal Vaughan wrote:
> I just found this book for almost nothing at a local book discount shop:
> Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 Unleashed by Mario Camou and Aaron Von Cowenberghe
> Has anyone read or used this book?  Several years ago I bought a sister book 
> (same cover, same style, almost same title) for Redhat and it was the book 
> that got me going on Linux and setting up my own lan (and everything else).
> I figured, since I was having trouble with some hardware and a few things here 
> and there, that I might start with this book and 2.1, take the time to go 
> through the book and learn all the Debian specific stuff (the section on 
> package management, including dselect, apt, and dpkg is 30 pages, for 
> example), then change my apt sources to include Woody and upgrade the system.
> If I understand apt, upgrading from 2.1 to Woody should be that simple -- is 
> it?  And, when I was trying to install Woody, I booted from disc 5 instead of 
> disc 1 to go with the later kernel.  Is it simple to upgrade the kernel 
> later?
> The other option -- I don't know how much has changed since 2.1.  I know the 
> install has changed, but, other than that, would most everything else be the 
> same (other than later versions of some packages)?
> Thanks for any comments and opinions.
> (I'm also looking at installing Knoppix on my HD and altering it, but that's 
> another post...)

There was a recent thread discussing the errors when attempting to
upgrade from slink (2.1) to Woody.  Look for "slink" in the Subject

The consensus was: 
1. You can't go directly from 2.1 to 3.0.  You must go through 2.2
2. Doing a fresh 3.0 install is good for cleaning out all the old
   cruft.  Apparently, some config files have moved around since then.

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