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Re: Linux partition question

This could be an issue if your motherboard was more than say 4
or 5 years old (pre 1998 or so) and/or if you were running an older
release of Windows or Linux.

Win98 can boot from anywhere on that drive and so can Debian stable and
testing as long as the motherboard BIOS contains the INT13 extensions.

INT13 are a set of BIOS routines that are used to access hard drives.
The older version (without the extensions) could not access a drive
beyond 1024 cylinders - which is (typically) 8 GB.


On Wed, Jan 22, 2003 at 02:51:35PM +0000, debian parisc wrote:
> Hello,
> although I've been reading this list for a few months now I haven't 
> actually installed in on a i386 pc (although I have installed it on a HP 
> Unix server - well smooth).  I'm now read to install on my home PC, to 
> ensure that my wife doesn't divorce me I need to make sure that I get it 
> right.  I'm going to resize my windows98 partition to free up 10GB on which 
> I will put 2 logical partition of 5GB each (i'll probably run stable on one 
> and testing on the other or maybe woody and mandrake).  I'm going to use 
> Partition Magic 7 to resize it. Having looked at the instructions on 
> Powerquest's site it says this
> "IMPORTANT!  In most cases, the Windows partition and the Linux Ext2 
> partition must start below the 8 GB boundary to be bootable. However, if 
> your system supports INT13 extensions, then Windows XP/2000, Windows Me, 
> and some Linux distributions can boot beyond the 8 GB boundary. Check your 
> system documentation to determine if your machine supports INT13 
> extensions."
> Does that mean that if my Linux partitions are first I can't boot 
> windows98? or if I put Windows first (10GB) I won't be able to boot linux? 
> and what is INT13?
> regards
> Leo
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