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Re: Curious...Are most of you in tech-related careers/schooling?

Im still in my junior year of highschool
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Subject: Curious...Are most of you in tech-related careers/schooling?

> All,
> I am new to the Linux world and have settled on Debian as my winning
> horse for learning Linux, to the best of my abilities.  The talk on
> this list is a little out of my comprehension now, as I am so new,
> but I am still taking general ed classes in college, and am hoping I
> can survive the math classes to pursue a CS degree.  There is a
> class or two on Unix essentials or Unix internals, but that is all.
> Some programming, of course, is involved.
> I wonder if all (or most) of you are in similar careers and that is
> why you are so proficient with compiling and testing and tweaking
> all of this stuff.  Or is it just a hobby that has gone on for so
> long that you have advanced your knowledge of Linux/Debian to these
> levels that all of you are at?
> Just curious...
> :o)
> Scott (sidewalking)
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