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Re: Gnome (1.4) problem with panel; SOLVED

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From: "Janke Dávid" <yangce@freemail.hu>
To: <debian-user@lists.debian.org>
Sent: Wednesday, January 08, 2003 10:08 PM
Subject: Gnome (1.4) problem with panel

>     Hi all!
> I have the following problem: after updating from Woody r0 to Woody r1 for
> some reason lots of panels try to start. That gives altogether 5 question
> pop-ups asking if I want to start a new panel instead of the crashed one.
> I close these question windows with answering them by "No" new windows ar
> popping up with the same question. So the number of the question windows
> permanently 5. I don't know what the problem may be, but I think that some
> of the configuration files got wrong during the update, because on another
> machine with the same system this problem doesn't occur.
> Here's the part of the syslog showing the starting of the gnome session at
> startup or at X or gdm restart (I am using kernel 2.4.19, and Ximian Gnome
> 1.4 for Potato):
> Jan 8 21:47:32 pagony gnome-name-server[1602]: starting
> Jan 8 21:47:32 pagony gnome-name-server[1602]: name server starting
> Jan 8 21:47:32 pagony gnome-name-server[1603]: server_is_alive:
> cnx[IDL:GNOME/Panel2:1.0] = 0x80557f8
> Jan 8 21:47:32 pagony gnome-name-server[1604]: server_is_alive:
> cnx[IDL:GNOME/Panel2:1.0] = 0x8055898
> Jan 8 21:47:32 pagony gnome-name-server[1605]: server_is_alive:
> cnx[IDL:GNOME/Panel2:1.0] = 0x8055938
> Jan 8 21:47:32 pagony gnome-name-server[1606]: server_is_alive:
> cnx[IDL:GNOME/Panel2:1.0] = 0x80559d8
> Jan 8 21:47:32 pagony gnome-name-server[1607]: server_is_alive:
> cnx[IDL:GNOME/Panel2:1.0] = 0x8055aa8
> when closing a question window a new starts up and this generates a new
> in the syslog like this one:
> Jan 8 21:47:34 pagony gnome-name-server[1614]: server_is_alive:
> cnx[IDL:GNOME/Panel2:1.0] = 0x8055ea0

Hi all!

The probelm was the following:
During the upgrade of the packages somwthing might went wrong, and this
generated an error in the ~/.gnome/session config file. There were five
instances of the following-like sequence (so as many as panels started):





5,CloneCommand=panel --sm-config-prefix /panel.d/default-NspR62/

5,RestartCommand=panel --sm-config-prefix
/panel.d/default-NspR62/ --sm-client-id default7

After deleting four instances and deleting --sm-config-prefix
/panel.d/default-NspR62/ from the rows above, only two instances of panel
started. So I had to log in as another user, delete the unnecessary
instances and after that remove the string "--sm-config-prefix
/.gnome-smproxy-DhZZrB/" from the following lines. This probably caused not
loading the cached session after restarting (or logging out of) the gnome





5,DiscardCommand=rm /root/.gnome//.gnome-smproxy-DhZZrB

5,CloneCommand=gnome-smproxy --sm-config-prefix /.gnome-smproxy-DhZZrB/

5,RestartCommand=gnome-smproxy --sm-config-prefix
/.gnome-smproxy-DhZZrB/ --sm-client-id default0


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