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Re: make CD of only newest 3 months of sid

On Wed, Jan 08, 2003 at 12:51:31PM +0800, Dan Jacobson wrote:
> [add a ftp mirror to sources.list and run]
> F> apt-get update # a few megabytes
> hmm, this would have permanent effects... but then I can just restore
> sources.list back to just my listing my current cds to make those
> effects go away later?  Apparently all it does is add files to
> /var/lib/apt/lists I suppose.

Yoy probably first need to add http or ftp lines to your sources.list
(most probably you only have to uncomment them),
and then it will just add a few files, yes.
> F> apt-get dist-upgrade --print-uris -y > file
> reading the man page, the -y worries me... ok don't worry.

It is needed bevause otherwise apt-get will ask you for confirmation,
which you won't see as the putput is going to a file
> F> remove every line up to 'Need to get ...'
> F> cut the first field after that (the url of the file)
> [then have the friend who will burn the cd's do:]
> F> get those packages with wget -i file and put the on a cd or laptop
> apparently figuring out by hand how much to put on each cd...
> [PS, what happens one day when debian has one package so big that it
> wont fit on one cd :-)]

A huge flamewar on debian-devel...

> [now, back at the ranch:]
> F> copy the packages to /var/cache/apt/archives
> OK, but I was thinking I would have him make a CDrom that I could use
> apt-cdrom on... hmmm, then one needs to do more than wget... maybe
> there's a tool for that stage.

try dpkg-scanpackages.

> F> apt-get dist-upgrade -u
> [I suppose the -u just gives more info]
> F> This worked rather well for me, although I seem to remember that
> F> sometimes it wanted to download some more packages.

Of course, you can also do 'apt-get upgrade' instead of 'apt-get
dist-upgrade' at every step, but I think dist-upgrade will work better
if your system is a few months old.

> [PS sorry for making two threads]
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