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Re: Very wierd behavior on new nodes

On Mon, 2003-01-06 at 22:48, Arthur H.
Edwards,1,505-853-6042,505-256-0834 wrote:
> I'm having monumental difficulty getting a new set of PC's working. I 
> had been installing a 2.4.19 kernel with debian on a MB with a via chip 
> set, and athlon XP2100, a promise ide system. Debian semms to install 
> correctly. However, when running large fortran jobs (under g77-3.2), the 
> system would either die immedieately, or start running and then die. 
> When I say die I mean that I can't login. I have backed off to a 2.2.20 
> kernel and g77 2.95. Now the program dies with an exit 139, but the 
> system stays up.

Can't login because your fortran program is taking too much CPU?

Can you still ping the box from another node?

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