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Re: Windows Telnet

On Sat, Jan 04, 2003 at 12:09:59PM +1100, Cameron Hutchison wrote:
> . Changing font size and resizing xterm on keypress
> In your .Xresources (or .Xdefaults), add this:
> --- cut here ---
> #define XTERM_RESIZE_TALL       "\033[8;64;80t"
> #define XTERM_RESIZE_BIG        "\033[8;41;80t"
> #define XTERM_RESIZE_STD        "\033[8;25;80t"
> XTerm.VT100.font4:              fixed
> XTerm.VT100.font6:              10x20
> XTerm.VT100*Translations:       #override \n\
>        ~Shift   <Key>F7:        set-vt-font(4) interpret(XTERM_RESIZE_TALL)\n\
>        ~Shift   <Key>F8:        set-vt-font(6) interpret(XTERM_RESIZE_BIG)\n\
>         Shift   <Key>F7:        set-vt-font(4) interpret(XTERM_RESIZE_STD)\n\
>         Shift   <Key>F8:        set-vt-font(6) interpret(XTERM_RESIZE_STD)
> --- cut here ---
> This sets up xterm so that when F7 is pressed, the font is set to "fixed"
> (font 4), and the size to 80x64. When F8 is pressed, the font is set to
> "10x20" (font 6) and the size to 80x41. Shift-F7 is fixed/80x25,
> Shift-F8 is 10x20/80x25

I put the above in ~/.Xdefaults, but it doesn't seem to work for me. F7
just prints "XTERM_RESIZE_TALL" to my prompt, and F8, while resizing the
terminal and font, also prints XTERM_RESIZE_BIG.  Shift-F7 prints "
8;2~", doing nothing, and Shift-F8 also does nothing but print " 9;2~".

Any ideas why this happens?


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