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Re: Windows Telnet

Once upon a time Gregory Seidman said...
> } Of course, configuring xterms can be annoying....
> ...unless you bother to learn about Xt resources. Xterm is nearly
> infinitely configurable. 

And dont forget about the control sequences documented in

With a combination of Xt resources (translations) and control sequences,
I've been able to do nifty things like bind function keys to change the
font and resize the xterm and to change the cursor colour from the
prompt so that when I'm root, the cursor is red, and when not, it is the
same colour as the foreground text.

Thanks to Xt resources, I've also got the Insert key set up to paste the
primary selection, and have different classes configured with different
fonts/sizes/translatios so different apps in xterms behave differently.

> Yes, there's a learning curve, but it's incredibly flexible. I can
> tolerate the other terminals, but xterm is still the best.

I agree 100%

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