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Re: kde still sucks and gnome2 rocks why?

On Thu, Jan 02, 2003 at 09:24:10AM -0500, Walter Tautz [MFCF] wrote:
> I'd love to hear an analysis of why gnome2 rocks and kde does not. Perhaps
> others would like to read about it :-)

KDE gets in my way in all the same ways Windows does.  This is a Bad
Thing.  This has nothing to do with what theme or wm I'm using in KDE,
KDE just seems to be overly grandious about providing a freaking
desktop environment.  The KDE menu is also organized very bizarrely
(for someone coming from straight-out AfterStep).  

I've been using computers since I was 8, and I started on a VAX where
my father was the sysadmin.  I, of all people, should not be
overwhelmed by KDE.  Simplify it, folks!  KDE is so baroque, it
wouldn't surprise me if it pisses off Windows users, and you've seen
what kind of interfacial abuse they subject themselves to.

There is very little I can't change in sawfish or gnome as far as
sawfish or gnome are concerned in more than five mouse clicks.

However, one thing that tweaks me about both DEs, still, is that they
go out and clone xterm.  Uuh, why?  And why make it as ugly and only
slightly more useful than Windows Telnet?  I realise that DE's are
supposed to be most helpful for newbies, but *jeeze*, I have to wonder
if anybody stopped for a moment and thought that maybe unleashing
something as garish and stubborn as Windows Telnet on the Linux
community isn't the right thing to do.

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