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Re: Understanding Font Paths

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On Sunday 05 Jan 2003 3:43 am, Rob Weir wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 01, 2003 at 03:31:45PM +0000, Alan Chandler wrote:
> > I am running kde under debian unstable and something weird has suddenly
> > happened to the fonts in konsole.
> Heh, I wrote all the below before even seeing this actual question!
> Which font are you trying to use?  the xfonts-konsole one?  It doesn't
> seem to be in sid ATM, so I guess it's one of Karolina's or Ralf's
> packages.  

I thought it was xfonts-konsole from Ralf's packages, but thats not the 

[snip -- interesting, but I sussed most of that now]

What I have now discovered is that when konsole has not ever had a font 
selected and saved before, it asks qt for a list of fonts from the "fixed" 
family and chooses the closest one to pt size 13. (Using qt to select it with 
the hint QFonts::Typewriter]

Installing FontConfig means that the /etc/fonts/fonts.conf file is processed 
which adds a whole load of True Type fonts into the available fixed family, 
and obviously means that qt selects a different one.

Unfortunately there seems to be something wrong with the sizing algorithmn - I 
am not sure of source of this yet, because this means that konsole gets a 
really ugly font.  If I remove fontconfig - then qt now selects the "console" 
font that came from xfonts-konsole, but because of a metric problem it 
displays each character at double the width it ought to, making it completely 

You can see a png image of this effect at 
where its been reported as a bug (No 52538).

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Alan Chandler
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