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These questions relate to design and city lifelong quest at means to fulfill desires.
Hygienics and engineering links, can you mind be total electrical controlled future
within industry 4,000 square miles self resolved view into home materialized bliss?
Peace, do you seek have energetics way out consumption controversial dealings?
After you have read this e-mail, can you sense clearly that facts objective results
in all things conjunctional to The Kingdom Of Bagdiology Zvibrancy lot is our joy?
Reasoning, can have subjective outset and doings objective link for poise be just?
Means, out money scant instilled poor living issues of eternalized civil discomfort,
can you believe within land apportionment of 4,000 square miles boundary we site
industrialized cultivated operating requirements to dwell absent a loan forever vex?
Logics computerized flavor, can something and nothing occupy mind hearty deal?
Recognizing unrighteousness willful disobedience as vex violating sanity, do you
believe home talkative subscription with kindness should be extended regardless
of persistent evil consequences and major peace disturbances upholding naught?
For accept workforce materialized confidentiality of projected liveable community,
can you at aid afford not to be aligned of expenses in events negotiable bargains?
Because, the path into goodness true friends do not make goodness true friends
argue by errors and act the fool, where can I know chew happy abode for vitality?
Parts, where can integrity and integument of the spirit flow ever true to the ethics
in trait aligned with competency nonhabitual affiliation as not to error in the flesh?
Mentalism formulated doctrines, do you believe paternalism obligated intercourse
with seed datum can reign where neighbors plank clash nature faithful evidences?
Vitality documented compliance, whether two or more souls dealing with the way
of clockwise sensuous feelings are married or not married, should the conceived
child's attached pay be consistency moralized responsibility of who is not father?
Grace, should a man persist in the chase of a woman where nation, government
and country argues against itself, corrupts thinking of matter divine topical clarity
such that yes and no is untrue and divided in do such that failure ever succeeds?
What is tomorrow agreeable delivery where men astray purpose of planet in birth?
Thinking about youthfulness, means  and sense connected outlet, where can we
abide as good to self as true input is to systems modern conjunctional relevancy?
What could be the problem where a man under existing systems at daily survival
is rejected in job markets and rejected again when he offers career plan of peace?
Who is liable amid city inventory and career actions of good men input gone bad?
Is natural law possible at find, engage and consummate the reality factors of self
with connect poise moral basis due I associative we in health, home and vocation
network under fakery azygous jurisdiction funding antilogy courthouse paralogism
into distractions, distortions and denials about disrupt nonwhite soulful cohesion?
By whom authority administrated technique in words, substances and deeds can
nonwhite ekistics embodiment build websites with secure life required packages?
Where in earth and beyond can nature faithful evidences resolve stability coupling
ethics of nonwhite hygienics and engineering intellect? With whom understanding
among chemism purposeful relationships may wisdom reciprocal linguistics bless
freedom lifelong sustenance beyond White America banks for chaos worldly ties?
What are you willing to do about thine own communication that cope family unity
persist in time, sense and means so as not to experience funds ongoing defaults
amid North America invested schisms and factions at work transference unstable
integration? How can you state with matter proven universe that you love Christ or
any religious icon among the dead and hate consistency dimensional morality as
desired among the living awaiting the opportunity to be accepted in the calling by
which datum technocratic fellowship establishes have situated input with peace?
What fuels a cause of money at effect a collapse where field vital care is untrue?
When will you recognize, identify and embrace the basis with true solutions, and
delude not fulfillment cooperative didactics into knowledge conclusive teamwork?
As 12/20/2002 IEEP Seeks Soul Not For Capitalism Violent Stupefactions*WBIS
devout framework survives only where victory materialized confluence is handled
exclusively in trade under solidarity confidential chemistry hookup with cope family
unity. Realizing continuity household task at ethics fulfilled case predicated on
nature faithful evidences, transference unstable integration at weaken must not idle
The Kingdom Of Bagdiology Zvibrancy subjects field tradition.

Man to woman, hearty alignment principles of a true man cultured eternal identity about vitality documented compliance
work best as chemism affiliated reality in mentalism accomplished storehouse where the calling befits the creed of nation,
government and country modus operandi serious at standards, specifications and tolerances for constancy governed help.
Website design, hosting, maintenance, productions and promotions, examine IEEP plan for municipalism projects layout
that we whom believe in goodness among hygienics and engineering potentials may establish truth theorematic boundary.
Herewith, accept nature faithful evidences ensuing do and embrace facts objective results that Seetarfid is the holy father.
Departmentalization practical workers, make visions topical decisions to be instrumental to design view with consistency
proposed dwelling and all projects accomplished under factory levelheaded dimensions and matter autogenous attributes.
Space abundant truth awaits the right working mentality for deal God true justice as there in company, faith and practice.
Educated, employed and innovated without knowledge profound potentials to input true solutions can never instill peace
commingling protyle within engineering business intelligences serious with understanding of freedom lifelong sustenance.
Because I, Williams Bagdi Iee Saneofeet, know the stress involving personal desires absent of mode reliable connectivity
in means due the joy of love, living and life, my decision to accept working to earn poise viable place in earth comes with
cope true labor relations and a deal of fulfillment clockwise resolve. Any motives at fuss this flight are the calling of theft
crazed liars storage riot about vanity fallacious fund chase. Let us trained in mathematics globalized procedures of supply
and demands amid recourse in parts working entente with the order of functionalism be not driven by rivalry professional
negation, envy and deceit at trouble the aptitude under which creativity settled communication remedy agenda discrepant
help. Think belong in wants and needs and according to artisan noted message working solutions over problems, take the
step to be not alone at stability career hookup out folly ongoing fight in funding vs humankind neurological perspectives.
State your belief of something undoubtedly accountable in shelf and is possible within and beyond earth that I associative
we speaking for tomorrow integrity and integument of natural law flow not disturbed by capitalism violent stupefactions.
While time is prudently spent at means during the youth of a man pursuing activities of his sense connected outlet should
arrive in that which is expected, composure from bank related aches, beggary and complaints involving program defaults
must establish field accord in do as business and personal affiliation can effect clash proper relief out vex surfaces by age.
Live ever focused on decency comfortable regulations as the physique experiences resolved environmental changes amid
actions, reactions and results dealt for wish, pledge and keep into fulfillment accepted of logics materialized transactions.
Understand IEEP plan by which The Brown House circuitry settles loyalty molecular administrative authority among the
way, the truth and the life with events negotiable bargains at belongs to means true outset for nonwhite soulful cohesion.
Thus, the end case among lawyers, employers and doctors of transference unstable integration with hokum bribed ballots
must reign with clarity household arrangement by field resolute marriage of nonwhite hygienics and engineering intellect.
Whereas, in deals of money related applications, design available means must keep us free to settle debts to income ratio.
White people philosophical based economic survival and provisions industrialized alliance in North America and beyond,
consistency dimensional morality requests land apportionment of 4,000 square miles limits dedicated to The Kingdom Of
Bagdiology Zvibrancy site work due cope family unity, earth virtue and nonwhite ethical stability abide true to IEEP plan
in city inventory accepted interracial mailing resolved conjunctions due organism and mechanism lot deal not of the flesh.
Yes, buy and sell according to wisdom reciprocal linguistics deluding not self in practical savvy of life required packages.
Realizing the computer and its networks marketing capabilities, business and personal problems as vex there in company,
faith and practice should be eliminated amid dislike vs like disputing racialism loaded consequences of shores fluid issues.
Through its many applications in lore, the psyche and its major industrialized door clearance is gaining files accepted role
of we as be innate persons, places and things afar chaos worldly ties invested systems generalized econometrics conflicts.
Ever flowing, growing and knowing money is not our load technocratic realm zenith into traditionalism successful living;
rather, fulfillment cooperative didactics with stability coupling ethics honoring creativity sustainable means of our design.
Really, probity identifying soul with matter foundational careers in hygienics and engineering and born of life understood
yoke seeks we are there in company, faith and practice due roof lifetime class out of consumption controversial dealings.
Victory well-founded commands are sustained out, in and against battle of fund where happiness moralized profundity in
nation, government and country citizenry atmospheric decision is absolute of seed and absent doubt vs cope family unity.
Nerve, where is goodness practical mentality received in document, doctrine and direction given of clean energy insight?
IEEP plan, in a paid in full receipt requests $1,100,000 at 10% resell plus cost of parts and labor, can reveal way to you,
the peace process, provisions radical relations and life topical format into working means 4,000 sq.mi. limits, the answer.
Nevertheless, you whom city markets are based in money for services, let us resolve bank earthly impasse against means.
Truly, mentalism professionalized confidences in space to maintain poise moral basis within biochemistry metabolic loads
must not forever undergo hokum sensuous games as negligence imbalanced desperation by the law upholding the wicked
scams perpetrating mindless impoverishing defaults contradictory to recovery given fulfillment under the righteous plans.
As 12/17/2002 Man, Ask Not What I Can Do With Your Bank; Rather, Ask What We Can Do At Resolve Earth*WBIS
                       [ {IEEP; (Interphase Engineering Edifications Philology), REPLIES ...} ]
The psyche computerized logical promise of life eternalized connection reigns not of consumption controversial dealings.
Fulfillment cooperative didactics, let knowledge artistic child grow and live not in vanity as the law of chaos worldly ties.
Natural law sustained by means in beauty logical program reigns not where debauch by money majority rules disrupt we.
Victory sensible documental in sorrow by means ungodly management of ideation needs to hookup flight serious faculty.
Tooling, schooling and ruling among philosophy, design and atmosphere in care not with delusions impractical emission
and about The Brown House circuit resolves deficiency continuous economic stress is a major priority given the truth of
knowledge conclusive teamwork. Because I associative we with freedom lifelong sustenance must embrace the way and
plenty resolute basicity, flow professionalized psyche foundry effort speaking to earth 4,000 square miles self-sufficient,
self-contained and self-consistent citizenry boundary will not support vanity where words, substances and deeds are one
in payroll at nature faithful evidences of soul innate facts, parts working entente and fundamentals clockwise restitution.
Thus, hygienics and engineering comprehensive proposals for municipalism projects layout and computerized workforce agenda under datum eternalized class should be ever aligned with facts objective results of matter autogenous attributes.
Hereto, let us reprove our cadre thinking that we may have love, living and life removed from wastrels funded cabinet at
argue, bribe and compete in exchanges for fulfillment by cope administrative values with artisan, blessings and complete.
Truly, recognize chemism purposeful relationships with experience, understanding and wisdom in means guard the path.
Prosperity progressive conduct in earth never defaults contradictory to recovery where consistency dimensional morality
with maturity technical livelihood stay the course averting fakery misleading transactions among lawyers, employers and
doctors as one nation, government and country accepted creed sustaining have situated input by help formulated accord.
Woman, verdict be and integument clean lab. The man of datum rejoices not in noway, nowhere and nothing vs integrity.
As 12/06/2002 The Kingdom Of Bagdiology Zvibrancy Awaits City Electrical Field Of Nonwhite Energy Insight*WBIS
IEEP Plan Needs To Hear From Planet Souls Living To Secure Means To Stay
Lot Of Nature Faithful Evidences At Balance
Cure Insanity As Labor For Money, Living To Payoff Loans And Never Secure
In Words, Substances And Deeds With Help
... Worker for life endless joy of facts
objective results most disturbed time is more under lapse vs foundry meaningful links.
Knowledge conclusive teamwork, we must communicate, establish and maintain
mode of vitality credible files connected relevance at creed, identity and tolerance
in site true means and realm accomplished obligations with chemism purposeful
relationships due consciousness devout framework. While ever preoccupied with
the way, the truth and the life expenses befitting mentality profound disclosures,
I succeed with continuity where we exonerate load measurable consistency out
from among delusions impractical emission under promoters working with the thrills
and the agony of pseudo prosperity. Be ever sensible regarding fallacious fund chase
job vs cope family unity at verdict in objectives of life required packages review.
Nations living issues often enter a matter of the law at negate the essence of man.
Home founded on competency nonhabitual affiliation is love best way to serve datum.
Perhaps, should you resolve to read this e-mail, you will find true marketing basis by
which further discourse to IEEP plan must deal as vitality proposed participating field.
Intellectual starvation against man stability and security in means is a great injustice
amid polemics ongoing material stress of North America ungodly power given money.
Whereas, reasoning to keep peace commingling protyle is impossible under the law.
Hereabout, perception in fluid thoughts among the wise would seem to be practical to
carry a common posture due matter distinguished quality given way with natural law.
IEEP plan enters continental search into locating municipalism technical assistance
with planet thrift master city blueprint and clean energy package sealed within 4,000
square miles limit that I associative we blend with consistency dimensional morality.
Smart is the soul that recognizes timely help needed with its existence to abide ever
true to nature faithful evidences managing living accepted program; nevertheless, it is
house flight clarity in knowledge, psyche and safety among the wise that help prevail.
Heaven leafy future of nonwhite insight hinges on material faculty creed not to default
flow by stupefactions into predatory lending practices and idled beyond true view out.
Computer, long as matter is vital to the order of functionalism and correspondence by
mailbox, marketing cultured compliance with life expressed doings must involve work
consumed not by hygienics and engineering disputes of trade ill-founded economics.
Means sustaining thoughts, get money confound ailments of the flesh out of the spirit
given cope that the ethics of utterance employable decision may not error unity in we.
Have, we must honor faith in every situation that God is not an opposing link to good,
nor with savvy datum shall human input deal difficulty at source resolving daily needs.
Thus, the greatest good is field class of self existing absent scant deceitful worriment.
Solidarity confidential chemistry, psyche tolerance of happiness moralized profundity
dwells in earth where iniquity and enmity racist economy deprive not way of true love.
My son, involve not thine own soul with banking that is not all the way with keep you.
Love cannot be more meaningful in living than to have it noted by its obedience to life.
Ignore get idling doorway and chaos worldly ties of parasites pseudo prosperity about
think, believe and advocate opportunity to make money into field functional behaviour
at the cost for whatever is delusive, expendable and vex freedom lifelong sustenance.
Thwart, I try reasoning by talk and you refuse to hear, I try reasoning by revealing and
you open not an eye and I try reasoning by relocating and you trail and jam with fuss.
IEEP plan for peace inquires and requests assistance with propriety finalized conflict.
Nonwhite soulful cohesion happy with means to create, enjoy and maintain all that is
needed to stay the course of plenty resolute basicity needs not nothing endless riots.
Occupation materialized leverage can develop only in site where creed has no lack of
vision, purpose and directions justly enable datum artistic psyche identity to have all
it is capable of achieving. The Kingdom Of Bagdiology Zvibrancy is that place in site.
Partners serious with apportionment, birth and consistency must argue not recourse.
Hygienics and engineering, savvy IEEP plan that planetary complied contributions to
municipalism be not case of banks and poor health inhibiting vitality rejoiceful means
to fulfill heart desires where love must end needs and have not under liars fiscal joke.
Workforce related societies, organizations, industries, companies and clubs, there is
no end to money dramatical frustration until two or more souls distinguished in points
perceived communication as the source by which events start to unfold with harmony
excellent dedication to the path with neural relief out delusions impractical emission.
While care of good true friends is scarce, the joy of life deprived due to deceit ran in
medical and dental fuss is great hardship to tolerate theft psychological rumors at do
into integrity and integument relevant to I associative we gathering city embodiment.
Life's most simplist joy built between male and female companionship often cannot
grow with words, substances and deeds vital to flow sustained business relationship.
Technocrat, true comfort afforded of modern technical accomplishments is at hands.
Serenity bronze lady, curse not thine own abide of creation, management and sales.
Desperation is dangerous psyche state by which the wicked scams perfect thievery
in the flesh against the spirit of prosperity progressive conduct of the righteous plans.
Prudent be the hands among the world interracial relations that restricts their doings
to plan resolved objective under business tooling, schooling and ruling with outcome.
Maturity technical livelihood should exclude jesters for romantically stagnated growth
about banks ill-founded fleshly union manipulated by antilogy courthouse paralogism.
Disbelief amid competency nonhabitual affiliation at poise is composure difficult site.
Realm, emotions and alignment must avert racial tumult vs precision logical hookup.
Holy spirit name with administrative staff for The Brown House fulfillment is Seetarfid.
Foundry innate ethos with relocate must benefit philosophy, design and atmosphere.
Be not a fool as for finance worship of the dead and rejects input to cope with vitality.
Every man is born naked. The way of the wise is that we live and fight not provisions
nor liars fallacious earthen actions, reactions and results at uphold debts vs income.
Too much space exist between heaven and earth that banks exists to forever default
health, home and vocation of nonwhite culturalized peace with flow man-hour margin.
Senseless is career, chase and conflicts under economy of racism lifelong polemics
with connive any practical efforts amid nonwhite intellect at out of blight fiscal praise.
Hereabout, interest on a dollar amount has the borrower paying loan value four times.
Datum sociable polarity is great priority in faith and gender occupational involvement.
Pursue IEEP plan as we dwell not under banks of physique discrepant management.
Gifted brown skin folks, my home daily survival, salvation and sanity is predicated on
our family affiliated business and personal lot of linguistics moralized comprehension.
Let us establish planet definitive verdict where IEEP plan reign vex not by indifference
vs persons, places and things with datum complementary to plenty resolute basicity.
Security, serenity and stability exists not in a career with joy contradictory to means.
We with IEEP plan pursue living without litigants of impoverishment deceptive payroll
against having all that is possible by work, power and nature in rejoice of natural law.
Truly, telecommunications reliable nexus in metier is significant to IEEP plan victory.
What at be are you willing to give that you may receive in city lore with true comfort?
Please, be not blinded by youth extraneous pleasures of the flesh at astray the spirit
by integration that self fails the ethics innate obedience to continuity household task.
Professionalism disclosures conformity, until we perfect means over money, all that
we do must flee corruption. In what more subjective deeds can ye aid objectives of
IEEP plan? As 11/14/2002 Nothing Never Delights Mind Better Than Something
True State*WBIS 14 November 2002 Thank You, WBISOFIEEP@aol.com

        HOUSEHOLD BANK (SBNA), N.A., Plaintiff; TELEPHONE: 404-443-0500
        M. Douglas Mann, STATE BAR # 469100; MANN BRACKEN, LLC
        ATLANTA, GA 30303-1601 USA                                            CASE # 02A96861-6     
                       VS                                                                                 FILE # 01-36238-0
        CHARLES J. GROOMES, Defendant; TELEPHONE: 404-243-9741
        2614 CLIFTON DOWNS TRAIL, SE; ATLANTA, GA 30316-4058 USA

A time to remedy systems generalized econometrics conflicts. Dynamics peaceful relocation is step due farm where
nations, governments and countries deny flow at projects out of debt. IEEP plan summons knowledge conclusive
teamwork of ekistics. Datum, court thorough review into what is written about case is most helpful at resolve industry,
negaters and complaint. Ponder soul health factor at rejoice in work of the calling. IEEP plan accepts working to earn
a living; nevertheless, we whom believe must not tolerate anything long as money flows. The Kingdom Of Bagdiology
Zvibrancy is be basis of salvation nonwhite psyche circuits can purge untrue level confidences. Race related economic
barriers arguing input to have against means to secure labor should accept modern technical logics. Cope family unity
of electromechanical productions with seed given place into field occupational comprehension and metier intellectual
prudence must sense accord in payoff technique. I, CHARLES J. GROOMES, Defendant opposes MOTION FOR
JUDGMENT ON THE PLEADINGS because stated motion and pleadings fail to establish an itemized account as loan
transactional proof at a court hearing to appraise debt proper settlement. I reject plaintiff NOTICE OF MOTION and
ORDER as at I not only debate impropriety of the loan amount, plaintiff in addition thinks I should be responsible for
court cost to resolve complaint. Thwart argumentative bank is further revealed when plaintiff stated my answer fails to
state a defense. Clearly, I do not intend to contend with an unpaid load resultant to political and psychiatric related
ongoing communicative problems under semantics perverse disavowal of nature faithful evidences by which hygienics
and engineering proposal with ergonomics and foundational ekistics at working planetary means can perfect plenty
resolute basicity to have afar rulers insane economy. IEEP defense is evident in as much as my effort to negotiate
computerized workforce networks to sell plan face a prolific distraction, distortion and denial as fleshly interferences.
The love of money is a great folly where healthy souls error propriety by a pain in education, employment and
innovation. Datum, let case undergo fair court hearing with professional fund representation into design, manufacturing
and marketing earth thrift master city blueprint and clean energy package. Justice promoting IEEP MOTION also settles
total debt payoff without disputing reparation amid continuous economic stress of doctrinaire idling process in vex
work, power and nature. As 11/28/2002 Datum Is At Help Matter Remedy Scant City*WBIS. Signed And Delivered
This 2nd Day Of December In Year 2002. Charles J. Groomes, Defendant: ___________________________________
The design world of unprincipled men invested markets throughout earth and beyond
exists in every constitution and congregation form at debate the path of straight men
lot with matter in hygienics and engineering as to deprive logics true soul of the truth.
Beset by corruption implicated legislators, the order of functionalism innate true state
among straight men lot is too often beyond recovery, reconciliation and recognition in
site business and personal efforts of propriety ensuing stability coupling ethics under
nation, government and country working facts objective results and nonwhite intellect.
As derived of race romantically stagnated growth situations, passions and objectives
at debt with transference unstable integration, hokum stress related ongoing sorrows
follow us such that a worthwhile gravitating thought perfected precision concentration
errors subjective cooperation among two or more souls with flow desired proliferation.
Nonwhite remnants practical methodology, savvy my identity neural accommodating
loyalty in that I associative we are clarity moralized distinction and the world at itself.
Website, of honor IEEP plan at summon coinage departmentalized complementarity,
let inspiration, environment, energy and profits befit matter occupational justifications
there in company, faith and practice with parts working entente into accept contracts
interacting parts promoting and sustaining projects of consistency proposed dwelling.
Mentalism clockwise centered shop professionalized transactions must blend in self
requisitions according to knowledge departmental task conjunctional decisions about
one's limit as how much self alone can achieve at out skills undesirable occurrences
coming from chaos worldly ties in banks working sabotage regressive docket against
continuity collocated hearts into wish, pledge and keep progressive deals of organism
and mechanism. Whereas, prudent chemical resolve is never perceived by something
in money cycles acting alone between day and night with giving and receiving nothing
soundly inspired into the mixture with God true justice settling life required packages.
Consciousness devout framework, totally functioning without further unethical ploy of
eroticism emotionalized trade acts for polemics ongoing waste at clash structuralism
constructive deliberations, fulfillment comprehensive documentations of matter proven
universe must have its marketplace of earth virtue among the reality factors governing
cadre for fundamentals clockwise restitution of natural law nonwhite soulful cohesion.
Flow in essence clings with manly survival as cope family unity in do living expenses.
As 12/23/2002 Vanity Chosen Slave Is Money Over Means Cherished Banking*WBIS
Speaking and achieving matter desired logical outcome of vitality credible files can be
living most treasured accomplishment rewarded by the creed amid nonwhite intellect.
Unfortunately, material disbelief among us has philosophism divisional projected fuss
at the law working deluding emotionalized tactics in sex, money and luxury about an
intentional erroneous impulse disrupting have chasing natural law connective thinking.
Composure, moving with time, sense and means, IEEP plan for foundational ekistics
requests twenty competent males and females in every field to accompany this task.
Savvy, input is key to modern ethical goals achieving matter desired logical outcome.
As 12/24/2002 Vitality, Our Query Is Who May We Help To Help Us Flow True*WBIS

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