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Re: fetchmail can't send to exim

On Fri, Jan 03, 2003 at 11:05:05PM -0700, J. Scott Edwards wrote:
> I'm just using 'mail' for the time being.  I configured exim to relay
> it to the exchange server, but it isn't configured to allow relay, and I
> have no control over it.  

Wouldn't people using outlook or whatever by relaying through the
exchange server anyway?  I don't know much about SMTP, but I thought
this was the same process as what you're trying to do...

> I guess I could just configure exim to send it
> itself, but I need some way so that it doesn't inclue the debian host's
> name in the 'from' address so that it is the same as if it came from the
> exchange server.

You can certainly do this.  My mail claims to be from
rweir@softhome.net, but if you look through the headers for it, you'll
find that it goes from this work station, through to my mail server,
then straight to murphy.debian.org, without passing through any
intermediary.  You just need to tell exim to trust your local user (with
the 'trusted_users' option) and tell your MUA to set whatever From: line
you like.  Well, that's how I do it...If I'm wrong, someone please tell
me!  Previously, I sent direct from this machine onto the Internet, and
that worked fine as well.


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