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Re: fetchmail can't send to exim

On Thu, Jan 02, 2003 at 05:04:06PM -0700, J. Scott Edwards wrote:

For logs, look in /var/log/exim.

| That got it, it works great now!  Thanks!
| Now of course I can't send mail out :<

That means exim isn't configured quite right.  (or perhaps your mail
client isn't, but I can't tell what it is)

| Can anyone suggest a mail client that can send it via IMAP (M$
| Exchange)?

Nope.  IMAP is for receiving mail, not sending.  Mail is sent via the
SMTP protocol.  Some mail clients (most commonly found on mac or
windows machines since they most commonly lack a mail server but are
becoming more common on linux systems) have minimal SMTP support
built-in.  Other mail clients (such as 'mail', mutt, and other mature
unix-based clients) rely on the system's MTA (exim) to deliver the
mail.  In that case you need to have exim configured completely
correctly for mail to be sent.  What mail client are you using?


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