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Re: Which 2.4 kernel image for a P1 MMX?

Lourens replying to David P James <dpjames@rogers.com> wrote:

      >  I just finished installing Debian 3.0r1 on a P1 200 MMX
      >  computer that will serve as a network gateway/firewall, etc. As
      >  such, I would very much prefer that it use a 2.4 series kernel
      >  so that that it can be used with iptables. The install cd
      >  wouldn't let me use bf2.4 for some reason, despite the fact
      >  that it would allow it on other machines. I installed with
      >  Vanilla as a result. I'm using an Adaptec 1540CP SCSI card with
      >  a 2 gig SCSI hd on this machine.
      >  So far I have tried kernel images 2.4.18-586tsc and 2.4.16-586,
      >  using grub as a boot loader with the appropriate initrd entries
      >  (I use grub and kernel 2.4.18-686 on another machine). With
      >  both of those kernels I get a kernel panic error that is
      >  proceeded a few lines up with multiple   reports of this error:
      >  mount: /dev2/root is not a valid block device

I have just gone through a similar process with a P1.
Initially installed the bf2.4 kernel, then the 2.4.18-586tsc, then
compiled/optimised the 2.4.18-586tsc kernel, the later where both initrd

Somewhere along the line (forget where) I had the same error and
discovered a problem with the existance of / links to the initrd
image / entries in lilo.conf.
It seemed as though the incorrect "initrd.img" was being loaded, my
error of course.

I hope that this gives you a pointer or two.


Treat yourself with Debian Linux and Open Source Software


Lourens Steenkamp

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