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Re: procmail recipe to remove list-name from subject

On Mon, Dec 23, 2002 at 07:53:18PM -0600, Greg Norris wrote:
| Anyone have a procmail recipe you'd be willing to share, for sanitizing
| mailing-list subjects?  Basically, I'd like to take
|    Re: Re: Re: [list-name] blah blah
| and turn it into 
|    Re: blah blah
| I figure that I could come up with something workable using sed and
| formail, but was hoping that someone else has already done the heavy
| lifting. ;-)

I have a python script that does some cleanup on messages.  I
currently use it via maildrop's 'xfilter' command.  I don't think
formail would be a good idea here because you run into problems with
trying to quote shell metacharacters.  If you want the script I can
send it to you.


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