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Re: hard drive partitioning questions - raid

hi ya fraser

On Tue, 31 Dec 2002, Fraser Campbell wrote:

> fraser@shieldaig:/lib$ df -h
> Filesystem            Size    Used   Avail Use% Mounted on
> /dev/hda1             471M  258M  190M   58%   /
> /dev/md3            1008M    41M  917M     5%   /tmp
> /dev/md1                4.0G    3.3G  529M   87%   /usr
> /dev/md2                2.0G  576M    1.4G   30%   /var
> /dev/md0                7.9G    3.6G    4.0G   47%   /home

i see you do some of the things i do sometimes..

good to have a separate non-raided system disk...
	- you can always restore and rebuild your system
	in 5-15 minutes and be back online

	- i would have made /usr /var /tmp non-raid'd too
	( so that everything to be booted/running is non-raid

	- raid can be finicky sometimes

	/dev/hdax,y,z  is standalong boot off hda
	/dev/hdcx,y,z  is a backup standalone boot off hdc
	( or even better to have a spare 4GB disk for system
	( ie system NOT on the same disks as raid'd data 

	/dev/hdayy + /dev/hdcyy  is /dev/md0 for /home

good to have data ( /home ) to be raid'd
	- raid1 is good -- for mirroring in case one disk dies
	- raid0 is good if disk read are important

last option is to use completely raid'd system including /
	- kinda risky in my book .. :-)

	- if you can't build your raid devices, you lose

i only care about "saving user data" ... system is easy to rebuild
and is backed up gazillion places on the net

c ya

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