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Re: Getting a Higher Version w/out upgrading


i know you can do stuff with 'pinning' in your apt configurations, but i
don't know enough about that to give specifics.  i'm sure it's been
explained on this list a few times anyways, try searching back for
apt.conf and pin .

however the quick hack i use is to put deb-src entries for the newer
release, and then apt-get source package -b to make a debian package
out of the source for the package from the newer version.  it works
pretty well on smaller packages, though i could see getting into a rut
with build-depends for complicated packages.  the nice thing is sense you
only give it the src entries you won't risk accidentally upgrading your
entire system.  that failing, there's always /usr/local :)


On Tue, Dec 31, 2002 at 12:25:48AM -0500, Hal Vaughan wrote:
> I'm still having problems with my ATI card.  I know it's worked fine under 
> XFree86 4.2, but Woody has X 4.1.  How can I upgrade to X 4.2 w/out upgrading 
> anything else or moving to unstable?
> Hal
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