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Re: audio recording is fast

On Sun, 29 Dec 2002 21:03:09 -0500, Kenneth Dombrowski wrote:

> it sounds like a 33rpm record playing at 78-or 100-rpms. I tried using

Offhand, it sounds like a sampling rate issue.  You need to make sure
that the recording sampling rate matches your playback sampling rate. 
FYI, the sampling rate for CD quality audio is 44.1 kHz.  This should be
the default recording sampling rate for audacity.  I've never heard of

It also sounds like gramofile is not writing proper .wav files either,
because a proper .wav file is supposed to have the sampling rate in the
file header.  You can get some nifty sound tools from U. of Edinburgh by
apt-get installing speech-tools.  Specifically, look at the ch_wav[e]? 
command.  There's a switch you can give it to read the header of the
audio file, so you can verify if you're getting a good file to start


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