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Re: hdc: [PTBL] [2495/255/63] hdc1, what is PTBL?

hi ya egor

On Mon, 30 Dec 2002, Jeff wrote:

> Egor Tur, 2002-Dec-30 19:59 +0200:
> > Hi folk, Hi Alvin.
> > > > I see when my system boot  up:
> > > > hda: 19932192 sectors (10205 MB) w/426KiB Cache, CHS=1240/255/63, UDMA(66)      
> > > > hdb: 44150400 sectors (22605 MB) w/1966KiB Cache, CHS=2748/255/63, UDMA(33)     
> > > > hdc: 40088160 sectors (20525 MB) w/1961KiB Cache, CHS=39770/16/63, UDMA(33)     

> > OK. I know that all my disks use UDMA(66). I try their on other computer and when I connect
> > hdc disk on primary cable it shows UDMA(66).
> > I compile kernel with automatically use DMA mode for IDE disk.

think you mean that you selected the chipset ( ide controller ) in
the kernel options
> > But hdparm -i /dev/hdb | grep dma:
> >  DMA modes: mdma0 mdma1 mdma2 udma0 udma1 *udma2 udma3 udma4

> > I try hdparm -X68 /dev/hdb && hdparm -i /dev/hdb | grep dma:
> >  DMA modes: mdma0 mdma1 mdma2 udma0 udma1 udma2 udma3 *udma4

thats correct .... for udma4

> > How can I tell my kernel use UDMA(66) when kernel loads?

to turn on dma mode.... use:
	 hdparm -d 1 -X68 /dev/hda
	 hdparm -d 1 -X68 /dev/hdb

	 and, hdb from the above hdparm output says it supports ata66

-- i dont know if hdc supports ata66 
	( do the same to it too, "hdparm -i /dev/hdc | grep dma"
	( if udma4 shows up, it should support ata66, and you need
	( to enable it

set your hdparm options in one of your bootup files to enable ata-66
during bootups
	( boot.local or boot.hdparm ..or..... )

to test the transfer speed
	hdparm -tT /dev/hda

	- you only care about the 2nd number.... not the 1st line

> AIUI, you need to set append="ide0=ata66" in /etc/lilo.conf.  This is
> what I do.  If I don't set this, I see a message in /var/log/dmesg
> that states ide will use 33Mhz since it can't determine the actual
> speed.  There was some discussion on this recently on this list.

it doesn't hurt anything ( bootup sequence ) to be running 33Mhz instead
of 66Mhz pci buss..

c ya

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