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Re: Lean and clean IMAP client

Thanks for all the great advice. Seems mutt is the winner here, and I have started configuring it with the imap client.

Now I have questions about the smtp settings, and displaying html emails.

I have looked around for information about sending mail, and am totally confused. I had exim on my system, but configuring it was not very helpful. I have an smtp server in my domain (exchange server) and am happy to send my emails using this or something like sendmail/ssmtp which are installed. Does mutt use some sort of default smtp daemon?

Another problem is that I have many subfolders in my Inbox, and if I copy/move a message to them it is aware of the subfolders, but I cannot find a command (and I have read the options and man pages) to just travel through to these folders and read the mail there. Any help with this would be appreciated.

Last is displaying html (do I tell mutt to call an application like lynx to do this?)

thanks in advance,


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