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Re: Mozilla: Personal Toolbar bug?

On 27 Dec 2002, Paul Johnson wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 27, 2002 at 04:54:40PM +0000, Anthony Campbell wrote:
> > I added a folder from my bookmark file to the Personal Toolbar in
> > Mozilla 1.0.0, resulting in a lot of new buttons. I now want to remove
> > these entries from the toolbar (but not from the bookmark list). This
> > appears to be impossible.
> Not a bug, not even inaccurate documentation.  Hit Bookmarks, Manage
> my bookmarks.  Drag and drop as required.

Doesn't work here. You can drag and drop within the Manage Bookmarks window
but not to the toolbar.

The only thing which works for me is the following:

Designating a Bookmark Folder as Your Personal Toolbar Folder

   1. Open the Bookmarks menu and choose Manage Bookmarks.
   2. Select the bookmark folder whose items you want to appear on the toolbar.
   3. From the View menu, choose Set as Personal Toolbar Folder. 

The buttons in your personal toolbar now correspond to the bookmarks in the folder you designated.

But this adds everything from the folder in question, which is not what
I want.


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