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Re: Boot clean to KDE

Jim Hickman wrote:

Help a Linux newbie....

Got early Christmas present from friend, a Lindows box. Nice! Been wanting to dip a toe into the Linux world. Worked great!.... until...

Shutdown from GUI desktop, but shutdown power too quick, before the whole shutdown process had completed. Now will only boot to a graphical terminal screen. Lindows support pointed me to deleting /tmp/.X0-lock to allow a 'startx' to work to get main GUI desktop going. Closing the desktop gets me back to graphical terminal screen. From there I have to do a 'shutdown now' to completely power down the box.

Lindows tech support can't help me, short of "Put in the CD, reload OS, and start over".

I come from the Windows world, and there HAS to be something less destructive than this to do. Some script somewhere, something....

So can you folks shed some light where Lindows tech support left off?

TIA - Jim Hickman

You definitely don't need to reinstall. They just said that because it's easier than working with you to figure it out (this is no slight against the Lindows tech support; it's just that there are so many possibilities, he can stay online with you for two days, or just say "reinstall").

Describe more fully the "graphical terminal screen". I assume this means that X is starting, and a terminal window (xterm? aterm? eterm? other?) is starting. Can you type in the "graphical terminal screen"? Does your mouse pointer move around with mouse movements? If you're really in X, try pressing Ctrl-Alt-F2 and see if that takes you to a non-graphical login screen. If so, that means that X is working, but not your window manager/environment/clients.

Give us more detail, and we'll go from there.


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