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Re: Desktop Performance Issue

On Fri, 2002-12-27 at 11:55, Jeff wrote:
> Michael Evaniuck, 2002-Dec-27 09:40 -0700:
> > I have been running Debian intermitantly since 2.2 was out. There is
> > nothing I would like more to standardize on this distro but there is one
> > issue I can not seem to get over. Hopefully one of you good people can
> > assist me on this.
> > 
> > If I run am running Debian and attempt to run multiple applications at
> > the same time performance degrades a lot. For example if I am playing an
> > MP3 on XMMS and while playing it run Mozilla the MP3 cuts out while it is
> > loading. I have noticed this happens on some other distros but to a much
> > lesser extent. On Gentoo this does not happen at all but I do not have
> > the time to spend compiling all my software. Redhat/Mandrake it happens
> > but not nearly as bad. Debian gives me the worst performance of two
> > applications. Surprisingly Windows 98/2K/XP this does not happen at all
> > and you can not tell me M$ multitasks better then Linux!! This happens in
> > either KDE, Gnome, or Windowmaker. My system is as follows:
> > 
> > Duron 800mhz
> > 256MB RAM
> > NVidea TNT2 (32MB) Graphics Card
> > Ensoniq Sound Card
> > 
> > BTW - I borrowed a 1.3Ghz processor and put in 512MB RAM and saw no
> > difference.
> This is interesting.  On my laptop (P3-750mhz, 256MB RAM), I have no
> problems like you describe.  I would suspect that your desktop
> environment is eating up too many resources.  I run xfce which is MUCH
> lighter than KDE and Gnome, but I'm not sure about Windowmaker.
> Perhaps load a light window manager and try it out.
> jc
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> Jeff Coppock		Systems Engineer
> Diggin' Debian		Admin and User

I would point the finger at the Linux implementation of the mpg123
routine, which is a heavier load on Linux than on other platforms it is
implemented from my past experience, and is heavier than various other
mp3 utilities from my experience. I used mpg123 on both Linux and OS/2
on my old Pentium 90 MHz box with its 80 MiB of RAM, and it was smooth
under OS/2, but to keep it from breaking up under Linux, I had to cut
the sampling by 4 and settle for mono playback. MPG321, meanwhile, has
always been fine.
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