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Installation by hard-disc/internet

Hi everybody

Yesterday I tried to install.
As the / partition now contains redhat programs, I
thought I'd have to format - however, when I had done
so, the installation programs were gone - a very silly
move I know (Now I reinstalled redhat for the moment
and created a /boot partition so the problem I had
won't be there again) 

To avoid any further problems, I want to ask the

When I'm about to install the debian kernel &
programs, how can I tell the computer how to find the
internet ? (I didn't get to that point yesterday) It
has to communicate through a ethernet card (I'm using
adsl which currently works through the ethernet so I'm
sure the same will have to work for installing) ?

Please respond as soon as possible - I really want to
do the installing soon!

Thanks in advance,

Joris Huizer

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