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Re: apt -- which method is preferred?

On Thu, Dec 26, 2002 at 06:26:25PM -0800, Jeff wrote:
> andrej hocevar, 2002-Dec-26 08:49 -0200:
> > in sources.list but apt seems to prefer CDs, no matter what comes
> > first in the list. How could I change that without removing the
As I said ...    
> >From 'man sources.list':
>   "The source list is designed to support any number of active sources
>    and a variety of source media. The file lists one source per line,
>    with the most preferred source listed first."

Yes, I knew that. It's turned out that a certain package was
somehow not downloadable, even though apt-cache policy showed an ftp
entry. It's probably not in the archives anymore or something. The
package itself was not important, I just wanted to know. It's all
right , thanks.


echo ${girl_name} > /etc/dumpdates

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