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spamassassin - how to stop defanging?

hello all

i have done man spamd, man spamc and man spamassassin. i have also done
man Mail::SpamAssassin::etc. none of this could help me solve this
problem. it is actually a problem of semantics - i think.

the default set-up of spamassassin changes header, etc. it also changes
attachment content type to plain text.

here is what man spamassassin says about this:

       X-Spam-Report: header for spam mails
           The SpamAssassin report is added to the mail header if
           the "report_header = 1" configuration option is given.

       Content-Type: header
           Set to "text/plain", in order to defang HTML mail or
           other active content that could "call back" to the

i would like spamassassin *not* to change content type. i have tried
report_header 0 in my ~/.spamassassin/user_prefs.

report_header		0

this does not help.

any suggestions?

sandip p deshmukh
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