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Re: Booting without a monitor: No Go

On Wed, Dec 25, 2002 at 11:26:16PM -0800, Curtis Spencer wrote:
> I have a weird issue that I have never had with any other system I have
> been running.  I have a Abit KT7 Board with a Geforce 2 vid card.  It is
> a minimalist system because I just want it to be a mysql/cvs server, so
> I haven't installed XFree86 or the nvidia drivers.  The console works
> fine and I can ssh into it, but only if I booted it with a monitor
> attached.  I can watch it boot up fine as long as there is a monitor.
> When I disconnect the monitor and try to reboot through ssh, I can never
> connect again, unless I reconnect a monitor and then restart the whole
> thing.  I can't get a display to come up at all when I connect the
> monitor sometime after I have booted it without the monitor.  Very
> strange.  I was thinking about trying a VGA terminator plug on the vid
> card because if I turn off the monitor without disconnecting it, the
> system still boots correctly.  Sounds like a hardware prob to me, but
> just curious...

Is it on-board video ? If so, maybe the bios decides you don't want that
video card if there is no monitor connected.

> Thanks,
> Curtis 
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