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Ask Debian: PCMCIA Modem Tips

Hi there:

I have a IBM ThinkPad A31 notebook, which uses a Lucent/Agere AMR Modem. There 
is currently no driver available for this device, and I hear from here and 
there, that nobody's working on it. So I am thinking of buying a PCMCIA real 
modem to put in the notebook. However, I have no experience dealing with 
PCMCIA drivers. when I will go shopping, should I have in mind a specific 
brand/model that is known to work with GNU/Linux? or do all PCMCIA modem 
cards wok with Linux? Also, what's the procedure of installing such a PCMCIA 
device? If you are aware of any How2s or tips regarding this, that would 
certainly be welcomed.


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