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Re: Installing a new kernel...

This one time, at band camp, alan brown said:

> I'm not sure I followed your instructions correctly.  I tried looking up
> the video option for lilo but didn't see it on the web or the man page
> for lilo.conf.  Nevertheless I went to my new kernel image and added the
> line 
> video=
> to it for my new kernel image.
> But it's still doing the same thing.  No access to text consoles and I
> begin in a blank blue-green screen till I do ctrl-alt-Fn followed be
> ctrl-alt-F7
> It's not an emergency, but it is irritating.  More help would still be
> appreciated...
> alan

OK, clearly I should refrain from posting when I've been up all night.
I reread my post and even I'm not sure ow anyone is supposed to get
concrete help from it.

Take a look in /usr/src/linux/Documentation/fb/, there's quite a lot of
documentation about various things framebuffers are good for, and things
they're bad at.  There's also a list of video options that can be passed
at boot - I meant mine as something to be looked up and then
implemented, rather than a literal piece of advice.  Sorry about that.

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