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RE: installation question

I'm _pretty_ confident that the files you downloaded include enough to get
the apropos drivers working.

By the way, getting to the point where you burn your own boot CD is nice
(today I am going to loan it to a friend)

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From: Joris Huizer [mailto:joris_huizer@yahoo.com] 
Sent: Monday, December 23, 2002 10:13 AM
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Subject: installation question

Hello everybody,

I just joined this list so sorry if my question has
allready been questioned before.

I'm thinking about installing the Debian linux
distribution. I'm currently using RedHat 8.0 but it
seems the messed a bit and some programs won't install (Including nedit,
koules) - hopefully they will under Debian :-)

I haven't installed Debian before - so I don't know
how it works. I found at
section 4.4, that I can install after downloading a
few files without boot floppies.

Now, my question, is about the part about lilo,
 - it says,

You should now see the debian installer dbootstrap
running. If you do not use any removable medium, you
want to check very early that your network connection
is working and before irreversibly partitioning your
hard disk. So you maybe need to insmod some additional
kernel modules for this, for instance for your network interface...

Well, rather than just try or something I thought I
better ask :-) how can make it load the network
interface, the ethernet card and stuff?

Thanks in advance,

Joris Huizer

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