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Re: need Ph.D. for sound even with common hardware?

I have apparently now gotten beep(1) to beep thru the speaker, [as
well as the tiny PC speaker like it used to.]  This I did by aumix's
Vol and Spkr controls. 

How then can I make play(1),cat $file > /dev/audio, splay, mpg123,
mpg321,mpg123-oss etc. also make the speaker come alive?  they do
noting at present except just hang there waiting for a C-c.
How can the lowly beep program do it but they can't?  It's not a
permission problem as i've long ago minded /etc/groups and my
experiments are carried out as root anyway.

$ beep & find /proc/$! -type f|xargs more|less
is what I thought might give me a clue why, but i don't understand it...
I removed the sound associated modules from the kernel and it still it
beeping thru the speaker...

Regarding via-audio-diag,
# /home/jidanni/tmp/via82cxxx-1.9.1/via-audio-diag 
via-audio-diag.c:v1.00 05/06/2000 Jeff Garzik (jgarzik@mandrakesoft.com)
Unable to find a recognized card in /proc/pci.
If there is a card in the machine, explicitly set the I/O port address
  using '-p <ioaddr> -t <chip_type_index>'
 Use '-t -1' to see the valid chip types.
# /home/jidanni/tmp/via82cxxx-1.9.1/via-audio-diag -t -l
/home/jidanni/tmp/via82cxxx-1.9.1/via-audio-diag: invalid option -- t
/home/jidanni/tmp/via82cxxx-1.9.1/via-audio-diag: invalid option -- l
Usage: via-audio-diag [-aps] [-p <IOport>]
# /home/jidanni/tmp/via82cxxx-1.9.1/via-audio-diag -aps -p 0xE400
didn't help, never mind.
http://jidanni.org/ Taiwan(04)25854780

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