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Re: need Ph.D. for sound even with common hardware?

|It sounds like you just don't have sound.

I confirmed that if the jack is pulled out of the Epox 8KHA+ 'speaker'
jack in the manual's photo, and stuck into a radio, there is sound.

|First make sure you're in the audio group ("<become_root> addgroup dan 
|audio" - then log out and back in as "dan" -- type "groups" to verify 
|you're in the audio group).

or even as root, no sound.

|Second, kill X (for now), and make sure you don't have any sound daemons 
|(esd, artsd) running.

I thought init 3 would kill x. well, i had to do init 1. then i did
the tests as root. same deal.  Anyways, a pstree shows no sound
related things running. i use icewm BTW.

|Use "splay <some_MP3_file" to play an MP3. If you don't hear anything, 
|fire up "aumix"; you'll see two columns. The left-hand side is the 
|volume level for the different input/output devices; bring them all up 
|to 75% or better with the arrow keys. Then tab over to the second column 
|and hit the 5 on the numeric keypad to center the balance on each 
|device. You should now be hearing your MP3.

i even used mpg321... all act nice but no sound. looking in syslog,
kernel: Via 686a audio driver 1.9.1
ac97_codec: AC97 Audio codec, id: 0x414c:0x4710 (ALC200/200P)
via82cxxx: board #1 at 0xE400, IRQ 12
via82cxxx: timeout while reading AC97 codec (0x9A0000)
via82cxxx: timeout while reading AC97 codec (0x9A0000)
via_audio: ignoring drain playback error -512

i will now get the via-audio-diag from the sourceforge's via82cxxx package...
http://jidanni.org/ Taiwan(04)25854780

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