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Re: printing files with relevant mailcap entries

This one time, at band camp, Sandip P Deshmukh said:
> hello all
> the question probably exposes my complete ignorance of printing system!
> if i do lpr somename.pdf, will it print properly? or do i have to open
> the file in pdf reader and then fire a print command?
> similarly, for other file types that have a mailcap entry.
> for instance, lpr somename.doc, etc.

Actually, I think, (somebody jump in here if I'm wrong) it's not the
mailcap entry, but the ppd used for the printer.  pdf should work fine,
because it usually has an entry in most ppd's, but docs probably not.
Figure out which ppd you use, and take a look at the file - they're
usually commented enough that you can figure out what file types are
supported without interpreters.
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