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Re: text mode pdf and msword reader?

This one time, at band camp, Sandip P Deshmukh said:
> hello all
> from a gui die-hard, i have started using console extensively. mutt, vim
> and all :) much faster - i must say.
> off and on, i get mail having pdf files and word documents as
> attachments. i have to run x and use xpdf and abiword for these.
> are there any utilities that will let me read pdf files and word
> documents in console?

antiword does great for word docs, and there's pstotext and ps2ascii
(and ps2this and ps2that . . .), but they all seem to do a kind of
spotty job here.  Some files aren't properly displayed, and some aren't
formatted right, and so on.  If you find one that works really well for
you, write back.

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