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Re: Help setting up NetSaint on Debian 3.0

Matthias Hentges wrote:

Am Mon, 2002-12-23 um 04.54 schrieb Ken McCord:

The older "netsaint" is just an alias to some folder on your HD which is
not inside the apache document-root.

Try http://localhost/netsaint/ instead. ^

Not Found
The requested URL /netsaint was not found on this server.

What other configuration needs to be done to get NetSaint running. During installation, the package states that this should be working (at a very base level) out of the box.

Well reading the documentation would help for a start. Last time i
checked it was very well written and easy to follow.

Thanks for the pointer - been putting together the kids' holiday presents all day long and I missed that ending '/'.

I did run into a problem with where some files are stored initially. To get NetSaint to come up correctly, I had to do a 'cp /usr/share/netsaint/*.html /usr/share/netsaint/htdocs/'.

Thanks again,

Ken McCord

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