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Re: Open Office under testing

Thus spake Deryk Barker (dbarker@turing.cs.camosun.bc.ca):

> OK, when I try to run the setup fails: firstly it complained that it
> couldn't find setup - and indeed it wasn't there, but setup.bin
> was. So I hardlinked setup to setup.bin, ditto the other.bin files in
> the directory.
> Now when I try it it says that it can't find libcomphelp2.so - which
> also exists.

So I then set LD_LIBVRARY_PATH to /usr/lib/openoffice/program, upon
which it started complaining about missing .so.3 library.

Soooo, I made symbolic links to each of these as it complained about

Finally setup ran to the point of aborting...but the "maybe it's a
font" is IMHO highly unlikely as setup ran OK for both 1.0 and 1.0.1
from the tarballs.

I'm wondering if my original problem was the nv driver. I know it's
possible to run this on my hardware, as my initial basic test was to
fire up Knoppix (and OO under that). No problems.
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