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Open Office 1.0.1 problem under testing

AS I am building a new system, it seemed a good idea to download the
latest Open Office (1.0.1) rather than simply copy 1.0 across from
my old system.

I am running (new system) testing, BTW.

So, I download the tarball, untar, install as root, change to a
non-root window and run setup (as per install instructions).

Everything is fine to this point. But them why I try and run it, it
looks OK, but as soon as I press a key or click on the mouse out (in
the xterm from which I ran soffice) comes the message:

    Xlib: unexpected async reply (sequence some-hex-value)!

and OO freezes.

Rebooting doesn't help. And oddly, running soffice as root  does work,
which makes it sound like a permissions problem, but I've no idea

Anyone any ideas> Or do I got back to version 1.0? (Which I've happily
run under Mandrake 8.1, Suse 8.0 and the current unstable debian).
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