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Re: need some readline tricks

andrej hocevar <ah@siol.net> [2002-12-20 19:26:16 -0200]:
> But if I add sequences that already have a meaning (like "\C-s")
> it's still the old value that's in effect. Besides, how do I
> represent function keys?

At one time an example .inputrc file in the bash package contained
this template.  Perhaps it would be useful to you.


# In xterm windows, make the arrow keys do the right thing.
$if TERM=xterm
"\e[A": previous-history
"\e[B": next-history
"\e[C": forward-char
"\e[D": backward-char

# Under Xterm in Bash, we bind local Function keys to do something
# useful.
$if Bash
"\e[11~": "Function Key 1"
"\e[12~": "Function Key 2"
"\e[13~": "Function Key 3"
"\e[14~": "Function Key 4"
"\e[15~": "Function Key 5"

# I know the following escape sequence numbers are 1 greater than
# the function key.  Don't ask me why, I didn't design the xterm
# terminal.
"\e[17~": "Function Key 6"
"\e[18~": "Function Key 7"
"\e[19~": "Function Key 8"
"\e[20~": "Function Key 9"
"\e[21~": "Function Key 10"

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