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Re: This is incorrect advice (Re: ntpdate from cron -- DON'T DO THAT!)

"N. Thomas" wrote:
> * Kirk Strauser <kirk@strauser.com> [2002-12-21 19:56:20 -0600]:
> > > Contrary to what you may have heard, ntpdate does not keep your system
> > > clock synced.
> >
> > In fact, you can *force* ntpdate to slew the clock rate to achieve
> > accuracy rather than stepping it; see the '-B' option.
> Yes, but this only happens once. Regardless of whether ntpdate slews or
> steps the clock, it does not synchronize it. You can only sync with
> ntpdate by running it regularly, i.e. putting it in cron.
> Of course, running "ntpdate -B" in cron is recommended over just plain
> ntpdate, but as in my original posting, and as you mentioned in the
> second half of your email, ntp is superior to both.

imho, this is the _best_ ntpdate:


unfortunately, ntpd is grossly oversize for embedded applications, for
which this tiny ntpdate is designed.

granted, wherever feasible, ntpd is technically the best . . .


Best Regards,

mds resource

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