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Re: This is incorrect advice (Re: ntpdate from cron -- DON'T DO THAT!)

* Kirk Strauser <kirk@strauser.com> [2002-12-21 19:56:20 -0600]:
> > Contrary to what you may have heard, ntpdate does not keep your system
> > clock synced. 
> In fact, you can *force* ntpdate to slew the clock rate to achieve
> accuracy rather than stepping it; see the '-B' option.

Yes, but this only happens once. Regardless of whether ntpdate slews or
steps the clock, it does not synchronize it. You can only sync with
ntpdate by running it regularly, i.e. putting it in cron.

Of course, running "ntpdate -B" in cron is recommended over just plain
ntpdate, but as in my original posting, and as you mentioned in the
second half of your email, ntp is superior to both.


N. Thomas
Etiamsi occiderit me, in ipso sperabo

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