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Re: Outlook calendar sharing?

I dont think making him search elseware because you cant be bothered to cc him is fair, its NOT obvious Debian has archives, so im ccing him your message below you ass.

Regards, Dean.

On Sun, 22 Dec 2002 02:22:37 +0000 (UTC) Frank Copeland <fjc@thingy.apana.org.au> wrote:
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On 20 Dec 02 21:47:52 GMT, Andrew M. A. Cater <amacater@galactic.demon.co.uk> wrote:

> Second question: I'm about to build a Debian server for a charity
> to act as their mailhub, printserver et. al.  One of the users
> wants an MS Exchange server "to support calendar sharing in Outlook"
> - any clues as to how I can do this using only Linux?

Requiring an Exchange server to do calendar sharing with Outlook when
it wasn't necessary up to Outlook 2000 is the sort of blatant
bait-and-switch you would expect from the world's largest convicted
monopolist. I've heard that someone is working on an Exchange
replacement but couldn't say what it is, whether it is actually useable
or whether it will be free software.

I find it hard to believe it's just "one of the users". Who are they
sharing their calendar with? It basically boils down to whether the
organisation considers the convenience of these users to be worth the
expense of licensing a Windows OS plus Exchange, and paying the tax
again year after year.

If not, there are viable free alternatives such as Webcalendar
<http://webcalendar.sourceforge.net/>. It requires a web server and a
database, but you are building a server for them anyway so that's no
big deal. The biggest problem will be selling the idea to them and
retraining the affected users.

> [Please CC me on this one: not currently subscribed to -user]

In my opinion asking questions on a public forum you aren't subscribed
to is just as rude as CC'ing to posters who are. This response will be
in the archives if you can be bothered putting in the effort.

Frank Copeland
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