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Re: Which USB portable memory?

p wrote:

> for my sd/mmc (secure digital/multimedia
> card), sandisk works flawlessly, mounted
> as /dev/sda1.  

Some of SanDisk's USB card readers are USB-storage compatible, and some
aren't -- and of those that aren't, one or two have custom drivers
available in the Linux kernel, but most don't. This means that some
SanDisk USB card readers work with Linux (with a recent 2.4 kernel,
suitably configured), and some don't.

I have had good luck with two models: the SDDR-33 CompactFlash reader,
and the SDDR-75 dual-slot CompactFlash/SmartMedia reader. I would expect
that the similar SDDR-73 (CompactFlash/Multimedia SD) and SDDR-77
(CompactFlash/MemoryStick) would also work.


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