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Re: simple exim configuration

I just realized that I wasnt sending my replies to the list :) silly me.


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From: David H. Clymer <david@nittanylink.com>
To: Paul Scott <paslist@ultrasw.com>
Subject: Re: simple exim configuration
Date: 20 Dec 2002 13:20:56 -0500

> That gives me:
> inetd   243 root   11u  IPv4 477720       TCP *:smtp (LISTEN)
> What program/daemon is listening?

I believe that this means that inetd is listening. I'm no guru, so those
that know better, please correct me, but I believe that inetd monitors
the ports specified in its configuration file (/etc/inetd.conf) and,
using the same config file, depending on the port, and type of
connection, starts whatever program is also specified in that file to
handle it.

my /etc/inetd.conf file has the following line which tells inetd how to
handle smtp connections (the service names on the left are mapped to the
correct port using the /etc/services file, i believe).
#:MAIL: Mail, news and uucp services.
smtp            stream  tcp     nowait  mail    /usr/sbin/exim exim -bs


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