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Re: Which X pkgs to hold? THANKS

Rob Weir wrote (on 20 Dec 2002 at 18:55):

> Ideally, you would have either used the Debian packages, or
> installed into /usr/local/X/ or something and used equivs to satisfy
> apt.  The first option is definitely superior though, especially
> since X 4.1 *is in woody*.

Thanks to Doug MacFarlane, Osamu Aoki, J. W. Dixon and Rob Weir for 
great answers.

Just to clear up why I did what I did, which people understandably 
wondered about: I needed 4.2, not 4.1 (at least, so I was told by a 
guy with the same notebook). At the time I did it, 4.2 was not in 
testing (this was a while ago; I have been very busy since then).

Now I'll try using of the Debianized 4.2 packages people indicated, 
and I will read up on libc6 issues between woody and testing before 
I decide which way to go.

You're a high-performance list, guys!


-- Tony Crawford
-- tc@crawfords.de
-- +49-3341-30 99 99

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